TECHNE: Doctoral Training

techneThe TECHNE is a collection of seven universities and fourteen organizations in London.
This collection of universities offers a doctoral training program that is structured differently from most doctoral programs. With the art and humanities graduate programs rapidly changing all the time, the TECHNE has come up with a solution. Here they provide postgraduate researchers training in both academic programs and professional and early career development. The belief of the TECHNE is that the best way for growth is to be in an environment that brings the new and the old together; in which the teachers are learning alongside the students. The purpose of this is to provide an experimental and intellectually innovative environment for students to be able to grow and learn. They strive to work in a collaborative manner with universities, students, and partners with various business.

It also provides numerous networking opportunities, as well as the traditional disciplinary training. There are also opportunities to grow and develop new skills that are valuable in the academic and work worlds; such as critical thinking, risk taking, and communication. TECHNE also provides scholarships for deserving graduate students who wish to pursue a career in arts or humanities. This scholarship covers 3 years for a full-time student, and up to 6 years for a part-time student, but are only open students who have already started their doctoral program.


TECHNE has four training programs, which includes tailoring training to students specific needs, subject level training in chosen discipline, coaching in multiple disciplines, and the most traditional training that is universal in any doctoral program. They also offer a wide variety of other guidance that ranges from conferences, ongoing assessments with teachers, as well as providing funding for students to establish their own events. The TECHNE also holds various events ranging from lectures to conferences that benefit the students, teachers, and the partnering organisations.