Lumberjack Dreaming

I guess I can write anything I like on here. My blog. What can I say about myself? I am about to graduate from The Imperial College of London in two weeks time. My father worked for a bank and my mother for a hospital. Since I was young they would ask me constantly ‘Walter, what is the meaning of life?’ I would beg for the answer and pester them both constantly for it. My father dreamed of becoming a Lumberjack, long hours out in the woods with an axe, surrounded by other, hairy, lonely men. He hated himself everyday for studying and working in a profession he loathed just for the money.

Now I’m to graduate in two weeks time with a first in Commerce. Where will I be led from here? It feels like I’ve steps onto a train that I can’t escape from. I have no money, student loans to pay off and a hefty number of toll invoices which have been mailed to the wrong address for the past one and a half years. I need this money to pay for that. I need tht money to pay for this. My phone contract doesn’t expire for another eighteen months. All these bills control my life.

But do they control me? Or does fear? Fear of insecurity? Some sort of irrational fear controls us all that if we can’t earn money we’ll be left behind. Our friends will wave a friendly goodbye as you are kicked off the moving train to success. Well I’ve finally come to realise it’s all an illusion.

My parents finally told me their meaning of life ‘More is less and less is more’. Once I understood this I came to understand one basic fact. We pay our time and hard work in exchange for money but money can not buy time. So if nobody is getting out of this world alive, I will not spend my finite time a slave of society.