TECHNE: Doctoral Training

techneThe TECHNE is a collection of seven universities and fourteen organizations in London.
This collection of universities offers a doctoral training program that is structured differently from most doctoral programs. With the art and humanities graduate programs rapidly changing all the time, the TECHNE has come up with a solution. Here they provide postgraduate researchers training in both academic programs and professional and early career development. The belief of the TECHNE is that the best way for growth is to be in an environment that brings the new and the old together; in which the teachers are learning alongside the students. The purpose of this is to provide an experimental and intellectually innovative environment for students to be able to grow and learn. They strive to work in a collaborative manner with universities, students, and partners with various business.

It also provides numerous networking opportunities, as well as the traditional disciplinary training. There are also opportunities to grow and develop new skills that are valuable in the academic and work worlds; such as critical thinking, risk taking, and communication. TECHNE also provides scholarships for deserving graduate students who wish to pursue a career in arts or humanities. This scholarship covers 3 years for a full-time student, and up to 6 years for a part-time student, but are only open students who have already started their doctoral program.


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My story about TECHNE

scholarshipThe process of applying for scholarships when you’re a senior in high school is basically a second job, or a third job if you already have a job, which I did. I must have applied for around two hundred of them before I actually managed to get anything of note. I mean, it’s possible to get around two hundred dollars from some places, but that’s just going to manage to help pay for a few textbooks. The TECHNE organization was actually able to give me some real money for school, and I was able to work on a great research project as a result.

I’ve always been really interested in history, particularly the history of Ireland. I always found it fascinating that there could be such major differences in one country, especially given the fact that half of Ireland was more or less a theocracy in the twentieth century. You hear stories from that part of the world that make you think you’re reading about the Middle Ages. Studying twentieth century Ireland is actually like studying medieval times, except you’re able to get solid primary sources and you’re able to interview the people who were actually there.

For my research, I managed to focus on Northern Ireland as it was during the Troubles. I looked into the issue from many different angles, including the actual geographical and spatial division, the nature of the political resistance, the sectarian issues, and the sense of belonging that different members of the populace had or did not have.


My professors were able to help me out with the research, and they helped to make it a really unforgettable experience. I mean, doing research is relatively easy these days thanks to all of the different online databases and such. However, if you really want to be able to get solid primary sources that bring you back to the root of the issues, you need to go further than that.

I was actually able to talk to some people who were directly involved in the conflict thanks to some of the connections that my professors have. I was able to get in contact from the museums from that part of the world, and I was on the phone with Irish museum curators and experts. I was interested in getting the whole story about the conflict, so I was careful to research all of the different sects, as well as the political factors that led to the division in the first place.

Naturally, my professors were pretty much available all the time for whenever I really wanted to talk to them about political issues or anything else related to the project. They were even there when I basically just wanted a political discussion for fun or to clarify my thoughts. I was so grateful afterwards that I decided to buy all of my professors gifts as a gesture of goodwill. The research was an unforgettable experience, and I owe it all to my professors and the TECHNE organization.